Anti-bullfighting demostration

Last Sunday, the 12th of August, during the bullfight of Begoña’s Fair, the association Anadel organized a demostration from the Plazuela San Miguel, up to the bullring of the Bibio, to denounce the torture that supposes the “National party”.
The assistants to the act not only had to suffer the ” affectionate epithets ” of some of the inebriated assistants to the square (in which the chief of the police is a president), but that ended with a police intervention in which 2 persons have been led to Moreda’s police station, previous step along a center of health to be examined of the long-suffering wounds.
Immediately the lawyer of the CSI appeared in the police station to attend to the arrested, thing that could not make the police denial given, imposing the legal aid service of a public defender.
Throughout the Sunday evening and the Monday morning some persons remained between the police station and the courts to ask for freedom of the arrested, which did not take place until 13:30 h of Monday, after declaring and to stay at liberty with the charges of resistance and attempt on the authority.